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The Emperor's Revenge (The Oregon Files)

  • Language:English
  • Downloads:5566
  • Type:Epub+TxT+PDF+Mobi
  • Date:2017-01-21
  • Status:finish
  • Author:Boyd Morrison
  • Environment:PC/Android/iPhone/iPad/Kindle

Recent Reviews

Format: Hardcover
Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison have put together a fast paced, action packed adventure story. There are several plot threads that for a while look completely disconnected, but eventually it's revealed they're all linked. The bad guys include the megalomaniac you expect in a Cussler story, but there is some background on how he came to be that way that lets you understand why. What I liked the best was Juan Cabrillo and his crew had to be very clever and inventive instead of just relying on the amazing technology of their ship. There was also a lot of double crossing and outright betrayal that keeps you guessing as to who you can trust. Also, at the risk of this being a spoiler, triumph for the good guys comes at high personal cost.

One chapter was quite interesting. It was a scene that was also in the last NUMA story, "The Pharaoh's Secret." That scene included both Kurt Austin and Juan. It was written in that book from Kurt's POV of course. In "The Emperor's Revenge" the scene is written from Juan's POV.

Overall this book is a fast moving, involving adventure that leaves you eager for the next one.
Format: Kindle Edition
As with all of Clive Cussler's books it is plain enjoyment from start to finish. It is lovely to get back and see what the "family" on the Oregon are up to. Again they find unexpected challenges which they rise above and eventually solve in their inimitable way. If you like putting on comfy slippers, this is what reading Clive's books are like. You go back and meet "old friends" and catch up with all their new adventures. I always anxiously await the next instalment of any of the series that Clive writes. I can't say I really have a favourite when you have choices like Dirk Pitt and Al, Kurt Austin and Joe, Isaac Bell, Remi and Sam Fargo and all the wonderful characters on the Oregon it would be like trying to say which child you like best. So sit back and enjoy the ride with this amazing group of characters on the Oregon and then like me wait till the next lot of adventures from any of the "children" come out. Thanks to Clive I have such fun reading these days.
Format: Kindle Edition
While this was an interesting story, it does not even begin to measure up to any previous Clive Cussler "Oregon Files" series. I have read them all and this is the one I almost closed the book before finishing. I suspect it is because the co-author is new and different from any previous co-authors of this series. If I would see the same co-author on another book I would likely not buy it. I have not found this style of writing in any of the other 4 main series of Cussler books. Some people may like it, but itg is just not Cussler's style of writing, and I use his books as a benchmark when I review any other books except military action books, then I use Dale Brown as my benchmark. If you are a Cussler fan, I suggest you go to the library, check it out and read 2 or 3 chapters before spending money for it. If you like the sample read, buy it then.
Format: Hardcover
THE EMPEROR'S REVENGE CLIVE CUSSLER AND BOYD MORRISON A NOVEL OF THE OREGON FILES. I've said it before and I'll say it again I LOVE Cussler novels and this one is no different. From page one you get a slice of history and an action packed deadly game of cat and mouse between the Juan Cabrillo and the Corporation and two modern day pirates who are not stealing booty but bucks, as in dollars, the Corporations dollars and Juan and his crew is NOT happy. In the latest adventure Juan join forces with the feds to find the bad guys and along the way one of the team will not make it home,and that's the only spoiler i'm giving out! Fast paced high adventure, Cussler has never disappointed and with THE EMPERORS REVENGE is no exception. A must read of a thrill ride.
By Kindle Customer on June 23, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
I always find any Oregon File books great reads. This one was no exception. It was filled with action from the first page to the last.

It of course is always sad when a crew member is lost, but it makes the story more real.

Maybe Juan's love life will eventually give us a baby Juan. Who is to say....

Because of the age we live in, I enjoyed the large part our computer geeks played in the book. They were really the main focus, with the other story lines playing a minor roll. This was different from other books.

Maybe the Oregon will incorporate some of the advanced weaponry or engine capacity found in the yacht so they can be better prepared in future books.
Format: Kindle Edition
I think of all book written by mr. Cussler, I like the Oregon stories the best, although the Noah adventures are a close second. Please keep these coming, go Juan!!!!
Format: Hardcover
Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison have written an exciting new entry into the Oregon Files series.

Beginning with the days of Napoleon and moving to the present day, "The Emperor's Revenge" is loaded with twists and turns. During the Monaco Grand Prix, a bank heist perpetrated by Sergy Golov and his daughter Ivana have cleaned out many accounts, including that of Juan Cabrillo and his Corporation. But the bank job is only the beginning of a master plan that includes taking over the entire electrical grid of Europe and plunging the continent into anarchy.

Helping Golov and his daughter is the super yacht Achilles, which they are sailing on. Owned by billionaire Maxim Antonovich, the Achilles has an array of super-weapons, including lasers, mini torpedoes, and a rail gun. During the course of the story, Cabrillo and his ship Oregon will have several run-ins with the Achilles.

As with all books in the Oregon Files series, "The Emperor's Revenge" is loaded with fast-paced action with characters who are familiar to the reader. Highly recommended.