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Dishonorable Intentions (A Stone Barrington Novel)

  • Language:English
  • Downloads:4244
  • Type:Epub+TxT+PDF+Mobi
  • Date:2017-01-21
  • Status:finish
  • Author:Stuart Woods
  • Environment:PC/Android/iPhone/iPad/Kindle


Stone Barrington gains an adversary that he can’t seem to shake in the electrifying new adventure from the #1 New York Times–bestselling author.

Stone Barrington’s latest lady friend is full of surprises, both good and ill. A sensual woman with unexpected desires, Stone finds her revelations in the boudoir extremely agreeable. But on the other hand, she also has some unfinished business with a temperamental man who believes Stone is an intolerable obstacle in the way of his goals.

In a cat-and-mouse game that trails from sun-drenched Bel-Air to a peaceful European estate and gorgeous Santa Fe, Stone and his friend remain just one step ahead of their opponent. But their pursuer is not a man who can stand to be thwarted, and tensions are mounting . . . and may soon reach the boiling point.

Recent Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition
I've read every book in this series, and while I usually enjoy the story, I find Stone Barrington's incessant bedding of every woman he encounters tiring. In this outing, we are treated to a threesome - Stone, Gala, and I won't give away the third person. Really? Did the story need this? My mother stopped reading it and had me take it off her Kindle, she was so disgusted. The man has no depth. Money, yes, but would we enjoy him without it? Probably not. He doesn't have much of a personality. All he has is sex and money. Perhaps it's time to retire Mr. Barrington. Surely by now he must be suffering from a really bad case of syphilis. The only good thing in Dishonorable Intentions is that we see the last of Gala. Now we need to see the last of Stone, or at least give him some redeemable quality.
Format: Kindle Edition
While I have read every single Stone Barrington book that Stuart Woods has written and I will likely continue to read them they are getting pretty lame. The last one was really good as there was more action and less bed hopping. This one is back to Stone spending most of his time in bed with his new lady. The threesome with Stone, Gala and Felicity added absolutely nothing at all to the story line and should have been eliminated completely. Then there were the crazy Russian mobsters that keep showing up every few books.

It would be nice if these books could get back to where they used to be with Stone and Dino investigating murders and such instead of who Stone is sleeping with and that happens every other pages
Format: Kindle Edition
Although it is an easy read, "Dishonorable Intentions" was a big disappointment. It had a minimal plot which I had figured out when less than half way through.
As a lawyer Stone should be reasonably intelligent but I have to wonder what he uses for brains. It took me only a very few minutes to figure out Gala's intentions and when we get to the threesome, how indiscreet. Not only could individual careers been siderailed, but there could have been government repercussions. But obviously the participants never thought of that? Stone seems to be doing less and less thinking with his brain.
Format: Hardcover
I've been a longtime Stuart Woods fan... I truly miss the days when he wasn't so concentrated on Stone Barrington stories. That having been said... this has followed along the same lines as the previous 10-15(?) Barrington books. One gets the feeling that the author is getting worn out on that particular character. I understand there's an upcoming book centered around Teddy Fay in August... now THAT one, I'm definitely looking forward to.
By Cheryl Francois on June 12, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
I love Stuart Woods, but this book had very little character development. I feel as though he has found a pattern and is now just putting out books without the character and plot development that he had a few books back.
By twbade on June 17, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
I've read all of the Stone Barrington series. This one was mailed in. Very little plot. No legal issues. Just Stone flying around to his various properties with brief cameos for all of the other characters in his life. If you want to read it, get it at the library.
Format: Kindle Edition
He's writing this crap by rote. It's the same old stuff the guy is rich so he blows money every where. Every woman he meets is in bed with him wirin a day. The woman has man problems which become his problem to solve. Tired.
Format: Kindle Edition
This was a disappointment. I'm a big Stone Barrington fan, and really looked forward to this book. I've read every one from the beginning of the series. But this particular book had almost no content. It was Stone and a ditzy woman friend, who had an angry ex-husband. That's all the story was about, dealing with her and dealing with the ex.. Stone needs to raise his game. Stone needs a classier woman, and he needs a few cases and a few other life story lines.